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Frequently Asked Questions - Internal Doors

Q. Where are you based and do you have a showroom?

A. We are based in Knowsley, Liverpool and do not have a showroom. 

Q. Do advertised prices include fitting? 

A. Yes. 

Q. How do I get a price on internal doors?

A. All we need to give a price on internal doors is the individual width of each door, style of door, style of handles and the postcode. 

Q. How does free fitting work?

A. A discount is added to the final price which the customer would normally pay to the self employed installer. 

Q. Can I buy products and arrange my own fitting? 

A. Yes.

Q. What does white primed mean?

A. White primer is the first coat of paint applied to timber, it then needs an undercoating and top coating. 

Q. What does 'pre finished' mean?

A. Pre finished means that the door has already been painted or varnished, then all that needs doing is touching the door up where they have been planed. 

Q. What paint do you recommend for white primed doors?

A. Any 'Trade Quality' Satinwood paint, this is because it is self undercoating and stays white for longer. 

Q. Do you have to paint white primed doors?

A. Yes, white primed doors need to be painted immediately, if not done the doors will swell and go grubby very quickly. 

Q. Are handles included in the price?

A. No, they are additional depending on the style chosen. Handles are available here

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Q. Do you take the old doors away?

A. We don't, but we can provide you with a number for someone who can give you a price to collect and dispose of them for you.

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Where to find us

We are based in Knowsley, Liverpool. We do not currently have a showroom or business premises accessible to the public. We do business via the website and home visits. We are currently looking for the ideal place to show off our products. 

Watch this space ... 

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